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For many, Spain is not only a holiday destination, but also a great place to invest. On my website I introduce you how and what I can do to help you turn your investment ideas into a success story.

As a Barcelona based lawyer, speaking Hungarian, Spanish, Catalan, English and German, I have a long history of helping clients avoid local legal issues and resolve their difficulties quickly and professionally, mainly in civil and commercial matters.

  • Law Degree (University of Barcelona)
  • Economics Degree (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
  • Hungarian qualification in auditing
  • Spanish qualification in auditing
  • Spanish qualification in auditing
  • Master’s Degree in Tax Consultancy (CEF)
  • Member of the Financial Markets Association (FR)
  • Member of the Spanish Bar Association the Hungarian Bar Association
  • Member of the Association of Economists of Catalonia
  • Member of the Official Register of Auditors of Spain and Hungary
  • - Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (UK)
  • Member of the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants (UK)

Your interest matters

I was born in Barcelona, but I have never forgotten my Hungarian origins and throughout my career I have always tried to strengthen Hungarian-Spanish relations. I studied law and economics in prestigious European institutions.

In order to better support the needs of my clients, I have also completed a master's degree in tax consultancy. I have obtained accreditation as an auditor in the UK, Hungary and Spain, as it was important for me to be able to advice my clients on both financial and legal issues in the initial stage of developing a business plan.

+34 676 460 183



A number of circumstances justify a complex economic and legal analysis to minimise risks.

Legal representation and counselling in liability matters

In addition to out-of-court and in-court legal representation in professional and general liability matters, I can provide independent legal advice to help you find a solution. Take advantage of the consultation, it is easier to prevent or face legal issues with professional help!

Legal representation and counselling in business matters

I am at the disposal of my clients on business matters, at short notice, whether it is the incorporation, change of legal form or other administrative tasks of any company or other business entity in Spain.

Legal representation and counselling in litigation

I provide a full range of legal services related to civil litigation, such as drafting pleadings, preparing preparatory documents, providing legal representation in non-litigious procedures, in court procedures and in order to reach an out-of-court agreement.

International And Spanish Legal Knowledge

Although there is an intensive process of harmonisation of law in the European Union, it is far from complete. So, civil, criminal and commercial litigation procedures vary from one member state to another.

Of course, country-specific tax and other accounting rules also differ, with some rules being simpler in Spain than elsewhere and vice versa.

Of course, country-specific tax and other accounting rules also differ, with some rules being simpler in Spain than elsewhere and vice versa.

I am available to my clients in these areas of law:

Sandor Darvas portfolio

Legal representation

Permanent legal representation and counselling

Spanish-Foreign partnerships

Legal representation of Foreign and Spanish clients

Legal representation in litigation

Civil legal representation in court proceedings


Preparation of two- or more-party contracts


Resource allocation, credit and other investment management


Accounting of various companies

International companies

A description of the special rules for companies that differ from country to country


Legal representation in property matters (movable and immovable property)

Distribution of my cases:

Why contact me for legal advice?

Spanish lawyer speaking 5 languages

I can provide fast and efficient assistance to individuals and legal entities living or doing business in Spain, based on my diverse knowledge of the European legal environment and the different cultural attitudes of my clients.

International financial experience

I provide financial analysis and auditing services to small, medium and large companies with Spanish and Hungarian interest or establishment. Additionally, my knowledge in tax and duty can further assist in implementing financially sustainable business plans.

Effective Spanish networking

I am in constant working contact with many players in the local, regional and national legal and financial sectors and I follow closely all legal and financial opportunities that may be favourable for international investment. Over the past decades, I have assisted several small, medium and large companies with Hungarian and other interests, using both my legal and financial expertise.

My advantages



In addition to being a member of the Spanish and the Hungarian bar associations, I am a member of the Spanish, French and the British chambers of auditors.



In addition to my economics and law degrees, I am also a tax consultant.



I speak Spanish, Catalan, English, German and Hungarian.

Important links

Important links

Some important links for Hungarians and other foreigners who want to invest, live, do business or just stay for a longer period in Spain.

Magyarország Nagykövetsége Madrid

Embassy of Hungary in Madrid

To avoid surprises, it is important to have up-to-date information before travelling to Spain, not only because of the epidemic situation. On the website of the Embassy of Hungary in Madrid you will find information in Hungarian on a wide range of topics in addition to the COVID rules.

Barcelonai Magyar Konzulátus

Consulate General of Hungary in Barcelona

My home city is Barcelona, which is one of the most popular destinations for Hungarian visitors. The Hungarian Consulate General in Barcelona provides up-to-date information on entering Catalonia, as well as a wealth of information is available on how to deal with potential claims and how to set up a business here.

Magyarország Főkonzulátusa Barcelona
Magyarországi Spanyol Nagykövetség

Embassy of Spain in Hungary

The Embassy of Spain in Budapest has a wealth of useful information not only for visitors, but also for those planning to settle for a longer period of time, or even permanently, or for those interested in business matters.



Generally speaking, each case has its own specific costs. The complexity of the case and, ultimately, the time spent will determine the final price. Therefore, a lawyer cannot provide a price list in the traditional sense.

After consultation, I can always give my clients an accurate budget.

First consultation


    The first consultation is free of charge and includes an overview of the legal situation my client is facing.

    Depending on the complexity of the problem, I will send my client an offer, including a detailed fee schedule, either immediately or within a fixed timeframe.

Let’s start…


From 100

    Many have a detailed business plan but face legal problems. This is where I can help with my advisory services, so that a good plan does not fail because of ‘small things’.

    Often just one hour of consultancy is enough to help my clients. However, if a more complicated situation arises, I will inform my client and the consultancy turn into a longer-term working relationship, the details and costs of which I will advise on.

Let’s start…


Contact me now!

Every case has a context that I, as a lawyer, have to be aware of. Before I start working on the case, I have a preliminary consultation with my client to review the problem and its circumstances and to develop the best strategy to solve the legal issue or take preventive measures.

If you are facing legal problems in Spain or need legal advice for personal, corporate or business decisions, please contact me!


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